Letter to the editor 1, Nov. 30, 2017

The people’s wish list for the Mayor of Saint-Lazare

Dear Editor,

When a mayor owes his office and precarious legitimacy to 37% of 37% of the electorate, we would imagine that he would be attentive to the heightened expectations of the people of his town. At the very least we anticipate the following:

That council should be as open as possible. Beware of being tempted to act furtively. If council acts under a veil of secrecy, then it must be reasonably expected that it wishes to hide things from public scrutiny. A secretly operating council always takes its citizens to be fools and dupes.

That council should properly consult the people before initiating big expensive projects. We have been hearing about the lavish revitalization of downtown Saint-Lazare. We are hoping that this project is not being planned to please certain powerful business people of that part of town. Those council members who are related to business interests should do well to refrain from deciding on issues that might benefit them even indirectly.

On a related issue, we hope that land deals will only be considered in the interest of the people of Saint-Lazare, and not for the financial benefit of a few well-connected landowners or commercial project promoters.

That the Director General of Saint Lazare be reminded he is a non-elected official. That he not be involved in the political decision-making process. He should limit himself to answering questions of an administrative nature when specifically asked to do so by council. Also, he should only be sitting at the council table when he is invited to do so.

That the promised work to mitigate the landslide danger be implemented as soon as possible in the Vallée Chaline. There is no reason not to act since we have been informed that the necessary financial agreement has been signed with the Government of Québec. We hope that council shall not delay the works for petty political calculations.

That council be diligent in solving the problems associated with the sinking houses of certain areas of the town. Our fellow citizens affected by this issue are despairing: they need council to be proactive to end their suffering. In addition, council should not be idle in solving water issues affecting the wellbeing of some of our citizens. Soon!

That it is great time for council to plan for projects favouring our senior citizens. Saint-Lazare should not be known only for its trees but for being a haven for a growing number of older people who live in our midst.

The people have many expectations. If the mayor acts in a positive way we will support him. Meanwhile we will be watching very carefully.

Finally, when I write, I am addressing myself to the mayor. If he objects to some parts of my letters, I expect him to respond. I have no time to start public arguments with surrogates. In the end, I simply wish the mayor to do what is right.

Yours Truly

Benoît Tremblay

A very concerned Saint-Lazare citizen

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