• James Armstrong

Neither snow, nor rain, nor vapour…


Hudson firefighters respond to an electrical malfunction that left the Cameron Street branch of Canada Post filled with vapour resembling smoke.

The Hudson Fire department responded to an emergency call for the Canada Post Office at 99 Cameron Street on Tuesday, November 21.

“It happened at about 9:50 in the morning,” said resident Brian Gallagher who was on his way to the postal outlet.

“Two fire trucks and the rescue truck went past and stopped out front.”

According to Gallagher, a postal worker said that a water tank in the back of the building had exploded filling the room with smoke. Gallagher said there wasn’t any visible evidence of smoke outside the building.

A postal worker who wished to remain anonymous told Your Local Journal that a timer or thermostat associated with the hot water heating system was the cause of the explosion. No injuries were reported at the time and the Hudson Fire Department temporarily disconnected the faulty heating system from the electrical power supply. According to the employee, postal services were back to normal and the repair service company for the heating system was on its way.

Hudson Fire Department Director Philippe Baron said the postal employees had done the right thing in calling them.

“It was a hot water tank that overheated and the control mechanism vented vapour into the room,” he said following the event. “The vapour resembled smoke.”

Baron confirmed no one was hurt in the incident.