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Senate of Canada 150 Medals presented by Senator Larry Smith in Hudson


The outstanding volunteer efforts made by community members from the greater Montreal and off island communities were fêted Tuesday, November 14 at Hudson’s Whitlock Golf Club. Recipients were (left to right, standing): Anson Williams, Peter C. Lombardi, Roderick Hodgson, (Host Senator Larry W. Smith), Frank Royle, Sandrine Faust, Robert Sauvé, Jim Beauchamp, and Bob Mironowicz. (Seated, left to right): Claudette Davidson, Ghislaine Théoret, Debbie Magwood, Carol Bennette Laws, Jill Martis, Caroline Tremblay, and Angus “Buddy” Goodleaf.

Senator Larry Smith, a Hudson resident, presented 15 individuals with the Senate of Canada 150 Medal at a ceremony held at Whitlock Golf and Country Club on Tuesday, November 14.

“I am honoured to recognize the contribution that is made to the community in many ways by various organizations that make Montreal and the surrounding area a place that we can be so proud to call home,” said Senator Smith at the beginning of the ceremony.

Vaudreuil-Soulanges recipients honoured at Whitlock include Cunninghams Pub owner Jim Beauchamp for his 14 years running a tournament for under-privileged youth to play football along with Hudsonite Carol Laws in recognition of her 20 years of work as founder of the Le Pont/Bridging food bank.

Other local notables include Rod Hodgson, honoured for his 20 years of service to the Hudson Legion and St. Lazare resident Anson Williams, founder of the St. Lazare Stallions youth football club.

Also noted were Frank Royle and Peter C. Lombardi, co-founders of the Hudson Medi-Centre.

The award marks the 150th anniversary of the first sitting of the Canadian Senate in Parliament on November 6, 1867. The medal is an antiqued table medal that measures 7.6 centimetres in diameter and is 7 millimetres thick, cast in Muntz metal, an alloy of bronze, copper and zinc. Lieutenant–Colonel Carl Gauthier, Director of Honours and Recognition at the Department of National Defense, designed it.

The medals celebrate the volunteer work of Canadians that are actively involved in their communities.

“The individuals you see before you today are worthy of recognition,” said Senator Smith. “These are individuals that help a child ride a bicycle, that help a child head to the lacrosse ring, or the football field rather than hanging out in a back alley.

“These are individuals that help children be more successful in school, who help families cope with cancer, who make sure that a community has medical services, individuals that made sure everyone has food on the table, and who value our veterans for the freedom we all enjoy today.”

For individual biographies of the medal recipients, see our Facebook page.

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