Letter to the editor 1, Nov. 16, 2017

Open Letter to the People of Hudson

Congratulations and thanks to all Town of Hudson citizens who volunteered to stand as candidates in the recent 2017 Municipal Elections.

Congratulations and thanks to our Hudson Mayor-Elect, Jamie Nicholls and to all our Hudson Town Councillors-Elect.

May your work for and with the Town of Hudson continue to be positive, respectful, fruitful and enjoyable.

Thank you to the people of Hudson for making my first foray into the world of politics a joyous and wonderful experience. Thank you for granting me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people; to share my ideas, concerns and vision for our wonderful Town of Hudson and to learn a great deal.

Despite the fact that I am a woman with a life-long disability (severe/profound hearing–impairment, probably at least since I was a two-year-old child) and despite the fact that I was both a newcomer to politics and a late-comer to the Hudson Town Councillor race, I was greeted with respect, kindness and encouragement everywhere I turned. Thank you.

Thank you to my family and friends, to my fellow Hudson residents and my fellow Hudson Candidates; to all who voted and to all who voted for me; to the people of Hudson Town Hall Administration and Elections; to all involved with the Mayoral Candidates’ Public Debate and the Town Councillor Candidates’ Public Meeting, and to the people of Your Local Journal newspaper.

Having lived in many fine communities; my family and I are honoured, proud and happy to call Hudson ‘home.’

As long-time Hudson residents, we are delighted with the abundance of community spirit and genuine concern for the Town of Hudson and its surroundings.

Hudson’s friendliness, courage, perseverance, volunteerism, sense of civic duty, positivity and cheerfulness are laudable.

Hudson’s vibrant efforts on behalf of people, pets, flora and fauna, natural environment, and artistic/heritage/religious/athletic/ recreational/business communities are inspiring.

Hudson is a truly remarkable town blessed with truly remarkable people. How fortunate we are!

Congratulations, thanks and best wishes to all.

Until next time!


June Brickwood-Sandwell

Former Candidate, Hudson Town Council, District 2