• James Armstrong

Hudson Yacht Club up in the air - temporarily


The Hudson Yacht Club slowly rises above its foundation under the watch of Commodore Nancy Donnelly and club member Lloyd Hodgson.

The historic and iconic Hudson Yacht Club house is literally being raised to new heights, about 3 feet in the air to accommodate the installation of a new foundation. The project is the direct result of the exceptional flooding experienced earlier in 2017.


“The club house was entirely surrounded by water,” said Houser and Grounds Director Marcus Owen. A system of hydraulic jacks has been installed to raise the sprawling building from its current foundation. According to Commodore Nancy Donnelly, the cost of the project is close to $600,000 and has the approval of the membership. The jacking process began Thursday, November 9.

New foundation

By December, the clubhouse will be resting on a 12-inch thick reinforced concrete foundation. “It’s a flood basement or crawl space which means that water can flow in and out,” said Owen. He said that if the crawl space were sealed against the water, the entire structure could be floated out of the ground by floodwater.


“The plan is to raise the building, remove the old foundation, pour the new foundation, replace the building and reconnect the services before Christmas,” said Owen.

Fortunately, flood damage to the interior of the building was covered by insurance. The raising of the building and the new foundation were not covered, however. “This is likely the largest capital expenditure ever taken on by the Yacht Club,” said Owen adding it had received full support of the membership when the plan was presented in August, 2017. The project includes landscaping once the building is in place.

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