Letter to the editor 2, Nov. 9, 2017

Open letters to the citizens of Hudson

I'd like to thank the constituents of District 3 who came out to vote and all the candidates and their spouses who brought this political campaign period to life through the streets and homes of Hudson and who in raising the level of competition raised the quality of participation, of commitment and the magnitude of our reach. In raising the quality of the campaigns, we are able to guarantee the best possible outcome with every successive political term. Most of all, I would like to thank Nicole Durand.

Nicole Durand and I spent many hours sitting next to each other in the period leading up to the counting of the ballots on Sunday. We spoke of many light and pleasant things and, as the hours passed, we traipsed tenderly into several deeper much less pleasant issues we'd run against in the three years past. The hours became quieter, more reflective as the evening closed. We stood solemnly as the ballots were read out loud at our table, we marked down with a vertical bar each name on our respective piece of paper, side by side, shoulder to shoulder.

As the count flipped back and forth at our table, as it was recounted a couple of times, a hand would go out and touch the other's shoulder in support and in comfort. While waiting for the other tables and advanced voting boxes to be counted, we proposed to work together on projects with shared interest. We had no idea how the other two boxes would work out for either one of us yet we'd already committed to working with each other in the weeks and months ahead.

I stand by the commitment I made to Nicole Durand that night where I proposed she and I work on the MADA (Municipalité Amis des Ainés) program together as to transition smoothly from one council to the next, in continuation of the efforts that were started, of the good relations made with the region and local stakeholders, while honouring the value, expertise and commitment of a strong and devoted woman who has served for four years as District 3's municipal representative, and who showed me great warmth, composure and keen attachment to our mutual cause, this town and to the elderly community. With warm gratitude, Chloe Hutchison


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