• James Armstrong

Hudson Mayor-Elect Jamie Nicholls putting campaign promises into action


Newly elected Hudson Mayor Jamie Nicholls celebrated the news of victory with his wife Amanda MacDonald at Château du Lac Sunday, November 5.

Hudson’s election results came in late Sunday evening, November 5, with Jamie Nicholls clearly elected by voters as the town’s new mayor.

“I am honoured by the mandate – 73 per cent of the electors supported my mayoral campaign. I take it very seriously that their confidence has been placed in me,” Nicholls told Your Local Journal.

Keeping campaign promises

Although not yet officially sworn in, Nicholls has started putting his campaign promises into practice. “I met with Public Works this morning,” he said, noting regular meetings with staff to improve communications between management and staff was one of those promises. “It’s my job to work with the Director General Jean-Pierre Roy to get communication flowing between staff and senior management of the town,” he added.

Information meetings and social media

The mayor-elect said he wants to improve communications with residents by sending councillors into their districts to hold monthly meetings. Nicholls estimated the approximate yearly cost to do this across the town between $12,000 and $15,000. “I think it’s an investment well made,” said Nicholls. “We are definitely going to be a social media-friendly council,” said Nicholls.


“We are going to develop with senior management a way to benchmark the value we are giving to the public,” he said, adding this was also part of his campaign platform. “That will be developed in-house so we can have proper metrics to communicate to citizens the progress we are making on road and sidewalk construction, for example,” said Nicholls. “I think in that way, we are going to start a channel of communication with the public.”

Pine Beach development

Nicholls said he has been studying the recent updated agreement between the town and Nicanco Holdings Inc., the developer. “A lot of the documents submitted are from 2014, pre-flood and the flood lines have not yet been determined by the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM),” said Nicholls. “I am going to be reviewing that agreement carefully. There are clauses in the agreement that state that for the developer to advance on the project all the requirements of the Town of Hudson must be met,” he said, noting there were problems with the mapping of the 100-year flood plain. “As far as I am concerned, the flood plain requirements are not there yet. Until there is progress on that issue, there won’t be any further progress on Nicanco’s project,” Nicholls said.

Swearing-in ceremony

The swearing-in ceremony of Hudson’s newly elected mayor and council is scheduled for Friday, November 10, 7 p.m. at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre, 349 Main Road, Hudson. Nicholls said residents are invited to attend.

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