• John Jantak

Action Party candidates sweep Vaudreuil-Dorion election


Guy Pilon, who was elected to his third consecutive mandate as Vaudreuil-Dorion mayor, watches the election results alongside his supporters on November 5.

Action Party candidate Guy Pilon was re-elected to his third consecutive term as Vaudreuil-Dorion mayor on Sunday, November 5. Pilon received 6,411 votes (63.62 per cent) out of 10,297 total ballots cast compared to 3,666 votes (36.38 per cent) for Team We Are party rival Pierre Séguin (6,411 votes). There were 220 spoiled ballots and 27,763 people were eligible to vote.

All eight Action Party council candidates were also elected. The re-elected candidates are François Séguin, Céline Chartier, Gabriel Parent, Paul Normand, and Paul Dumolin. The three new councillors are Josée Clément, Jasmine Sharma, and Diane Morin.

Residents satisfied

For Pilon, the unanimous win indicates most citizens are satisfied with the way the city has progressed under Action Party leadership when it was first launched almost 20 years ago. While Pilon would have liked more voter participation, he said the team will continue to work for the best interests of all residents.

“It’s fantastic,” Pilon told Your Local Journal. “The main thing is everyone in our party was elected. It’s a great victory. It’s something I was hoping would happen. This means the population realized they want to continue with our platform. I’m very happy.”

With four women elected, this is the first time Vaudreuil-Dorion has equal representation between men and women on council. Pilon said all candidates were chosen because of their background, experience and pledge to make positive contributions to the future development of the city.

Positive platform

“Our platform will go forward in a positive way because we have the majority, that’s for sure. There will be nothing negative. We’ve heard enough of people saying Vaudreuil-Dorion is not good during the election. Nothing was good in our city. That was impossible,” said Pilon.

“When you’re named as the 15th best town in all of Canada to raise a family and the 14th best place in Quebec for economic vitality, you can’t go door-to-door and say everything in Vaudreuil-Dorion is going wrong,” Pilon added.

Pilon said he didn’t take anything for granted during his campaign and found Pierre Séguin to be a credible opponent. He said the party’s focus was to meet with people, discuss their concerns and not rely on social media to present their message.

“We realized that Facebook doesn’t make you a winner. You have to go door-to-door, visit community groups and cultural organizations and speak to the citizens. Social media only influences a small part of the population and people hated it. It was a very hard campaign but we’re very happy with the result,” said Pilon.

Moving forward

With many important infrastructure projects completed during the last four years including the expansion and refurbishment of its water filtration and sewage treatment plants, Pilon said the city will focus on other projects. They include the revitalization of Harwood Boulevard, a new indoor swimming pool in conjunction with the Commission Scolaire des Trois-Lacs, and the proposed new city hall.