Letter to the editor 2, Nov. 2, 2017

Something in the air

Dear Editor,

On October 19, 2017 (my birthday) I received, via registered mail, a letter from Transport Canada accusing me of allegedly flying a drone sometime last June 26, 2017 around the new city hall while it was under construction.

The only problem with this assumption is the fact I have never owned or borrowed a drone in which to do this. I did ask someone who does this to take a photo that can only be taken with a drone. Yet I receive this, in spite of the fact that the town itself had someone take a drone video of the crowds attending ‘Au Galop’ last summer. And it was much closer to the airport to boot. This was confirmed by a neighbor who saw it above him and others who knew about this. It wasn’t made public as the footage didn’t support the number of people they claimed were in attendance. The real reason I believe I got this letter was because our blog ‘Saint Lazare Truth Serum’ with all the other photos, news items and letters to the editor that are there for all to review going back three years.

The one photo that I think really bugged them was the one of our sewage lagoons and their proximity to the new school and the development going on over there in Cité-des-Champs and Papillion.

Is this what a 73-year-old citizen can expect when he tries to post things most don’t know about or even care enough to inform themselves about?

By the way I was told that mobile truck with the video type sign on its side was removed from the corner of Bédard and Ste. Angélique because the owner of the store was threatened with vandalism if it remained there. True or not? I really don’t know but it’s no longer there.

Go and vote folks. This is a very important election.

Richard Meades

Proud citizen of Saint Lazare

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