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June Brickwood-Sandwell enters election race in Hudson District 2


June Brickwood-Sandwell brings both short and long-term vision for Hudson to voter’s attention in her campaign as a potential councillor.

June Brickwood-Sandwell has her eye on the council seat in Hudson District 2 as do two other candidates, Cynthia Massa and Austin Rikley-Krindle. A long-time resident, Brickwood-Sandwell wants to continue much of what the previous town council’s agenda set in motion.

Infrastructure issues

At the top of her list is the provision of potable water with the short-term solution of digging a new well and the long-term project of drawing and treating water from the Ottawa River. Repairing and improving roads, sidewalks, cycling paths and walking /hiking trails is an important issue for Brickwood-Sandwell. She also sees a need to improve public playgrounds for children and install municipality-wide, uniform street (civic) number signs/posts that are 911 emergency–compliant.

“Preserving the beauty of our local environment and working for its preservation is important for me. For example: find a reasonable, environmentally sound and compassionate solution to Pine Lake; maintain and further develop our walking/hiking trails in an environmentally sound fashion,” she wrote in a recent email.

Urban development and accessibility

“We need to encourage reasonable residential development, especially for young families, while being respectful of our countryside and our present residents’ needs, rights and preferences,” wrote Brickwood-Sandwell. She supports the proposed Villa Wyman assisted living seniors’ residence and sees the need for further development in that direction.

She clearly sees a need to improve accessibility to services, information, events, and buildings for all people with disabilities of any kind. For example, ramps, raised stages, truly accessible sidewalks and walking/hiking trails. This would also include appropriate required equipment such as municipal employee/essential services provider e-mail addresses and cell phones for text-messaging; closed captioning of all public movie screenings; real-time captioning for Town Council and other public meetings; audiotapes of municipal information, by-laws, town council and other public meetings and their agendas and minutes. To help with the achievement of these goals, she suggested developing a relationship with the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre, Communicaid for Hearing Impaired Persons (CHIP) and other organizations for people with disabilities.

“I have a physical disability: severe, profound hearing impairment - extremely hard-of- hearing. As a person with a life-altering disability, I believe that I can increase awareness and implement necessary improvements such as accessibility, to help people with disabilities.”

For the future

“We need to preserve our rich cultural and artistic heritage and our historical buildings,” said Brickwood-Sandwell. She would like to explore the possibility of creating a Hudson ‘Village of Yesteryear’ similar to Upper Canada Village or the Village Québécois d’Antan to celebrate the rich and varied historical background of the area.

“I believe that I can make a valuable contribution to the Town of Hudson,” said Brickwood-Sandwell. “I look forward to working with Hudson citizens and Hudson Town Council to ensure a bright, sustainable and happy future for our town.”

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