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Jim Duff vying for council seat in Hudson District 5


Jim Duff, a candidate for Hudson council, has serious concerns about public safety in the town.

Jim Duff, well-known former journalist and present day blogger, is campaigning for the Hudson District 5 council seat. He’s not alone in the race – Blair Mackay has set his sights on the same position.

“We have to move Hudson forward,” Duff told Your Local Journal, noting all the candidates for council are in agreement on the problems that need to be repaired such as roads and sidewalks. “We have a serious infrastructure deficit in Hudson,” he said.

Sewage systems and drainage

Duff said the lack of maintenance of drainage ditches and culverts is a serious issue in areas of Hudson. “Privately owned septic systems have a reduced life span because of a lack of good drainage ditches,” he said, adding weeping fields in areas such as Birch Hill and Brisbane become waterlogged due to a poor ditch and culvert system. The result is sewage water draining into the ditches.

“The only solution is to sewer them,” he said referring to those areas. He also said there’s a need to protect the potable water wells in residential areas such as Oakland, Elm and Dwyer. “The question then becomes, ‘How do we sewer for a reasonable price?’” he said. “We have to come up with a deal that gets as many residents hooked up as possible, and then tax them back the amount, like Rigaud does.”

Public safety issues

“There is a tremendous problem with traffic on Côte Saint-Charles, we have to come up with a solution,” Duff said, using as an example the frequently occurring situation of vehicular traffic having to negotiate its way through cyclists, pedestrians and joggers. He described a particularly dangerous area in the vicinity of Westwood Senior High School where a rise in the two-lane road obscures visibility for drivers attempting to pass cyclists and pedestrians using the same road. He sees the possibility of creating a solution to the problem by incorporating a plan for safer streets in the initiative to repave the roads.

“Ditches have to be excavated, storm sewers and culverts installed, then backfilled and paved. Once wands and other removable separation devices are added, Hudson’s pedestrians and cyclists can walk and ride safely,” he said.

“I’m a big fan of justice and equality and am not making promises I can’t keep,” Duff said adding he is more than willing to work with any of the candidates as a team member should he win the seat in District 5.

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