• James Armstrong

Jeannine Landry running as mayoral candidate in Rigaud


Rigaud mayoralty candidate Jeannine Landry has plans for a more environmentally friendly future for the town.

Jeannine Landry is competing with incumbent Hans Gruenwald Jr. for the mayoralty seat. “I’m for consulting with people; having residents involved in the decision making process,” she said in a recent interview. “I want the town to have an attitude of cooperation with its citizens.”

Permits and urban planning

As an example, she cited the length of time it takes for a resident to apply for and receive a permit to make home renovations. “There needs to be a faster and easier method to have a permit,” she said, adding that in some cases citizens give up on the process and proceed with the work without a permit. In other instances, Landry said she knows of situations where the permit process has held up homeowners wanting to have new doors and windows installed until the winter months. “And that’s when the company loses the contract because it’s too late in the season.”

Landry sees a need to develop and facilitate access to low-cost housing and the means of financing in order to attract young families to Rigaud.

Potable water and sewage treatment

“We need to have more flexible solutions when it comes to potable water and sewage,” said Landry. “For example, composting toilets are a solution for some areas and a rain water catchment and filtration system is an option for potable water,” she added noting that rain water may contain fewer heavy metals than ground water. For Landry, it is important that the town provide access to sustainable, ecologically sound infrastructure. “There are many solutions, it takes a change of attitude for them to happen,” said Landry.

Community Action

“I have always been involved in community action,” said Landry noting the experience earned in her 20-year career as a nurse followed by a law degree. “We moved to Rigaud in 2010 because we were in search of a better life,” she said. From her point of view, community action is an integral part of the town.

Urban Agriculture

“I want to develop a community garden and promote urban agriculture,” said Landry adding that she wants to adopt policies that promote the cultivation of unused land to grow vegetable crops co-operatively with Rigaud citizens.

Public Security

As one of many residents directly affected by the spring floods of 2017, Landry sees a need for the municipality to ensure it has a coordinated security plan with Hydro Quebec in place. Landry said that with a software application, water flow data supplied by Hydro Quebec can be communicated to citizens at all times. According to Landry, this would give residents time to evacuate in the event of a high water episode or a dam failure.

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