Follow-up questions for St. Lazare mayoralty race


Due to time constraints, there were a number of residents' questions unanswered after our St. Lazare mayoralty candidates' debate Monday, October 30, The remaining questions were submitted to all three mayoralty candidates with a promise to post the answers online.

Below is the Q & A with Lise Jolicoeur.

Q. How do you envision the revitalization of the city core and the costs to do it?

A. Revitalization of the city core: Our downtown should be a charming portrait of our roots. Many citizens during my door to door were very concerned that we would loose the cachet of the downtown area. Citizens need to be able to circulate in a secured environment as well as cyclist. I am not against any development. On the contrary, we need to develop our city. However we need to do it respecting what citizens would like to see and not how the a few people would like it.

My opinion is the the population was not involved and different scenarios were not elaborated and proposed to the citizens.

As far as the cost we need to look at the big picture, aqueduct, sewage, and the impact on the existing secondary water supply and sewage as well, road configuration for safety of all who access the down town area. Once we have all of that we will be able to have to propose cost to the population of the different scenarios that we will have come up with.

Q. What would you do to complete the bike paths in the town?

A. Again I think we need to look at the bigger picture. Like how do we access the downtown from different area of the city safely. We need to involve people that have expertise and are familiar with bike path, like Vélo Quebec for example, and get those experts to design and plan the best configurations, taking into account the safety of the cyclists and how to integrate with the vehicles at that will also circulate.

Q. We hear that Saint Lazare has a conservation plan and yet the town has agreed to a densification program with the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM). How can this be possible and how do we keep Saint Lazare from over-developing?

A. I understand your concern and it is mine as well. Let me state that, since 2016, we have obtained the Saint-Lazare Clause and we are now considered a Green Corridor, thus we do not have to comply to this densification required under the CMM any more. I would also like to develop with our citizens a vision and a plan on what the our city would look like in 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. In is imperative that the population be part of these development plan so that we take into consideration your concerns.

Q. This election has been tainted by some candidates with a degree of mudslinging and personal attacks that is unprecedented in St Lazare, why do you think this is happening?

A. This may be a sign of the time. But please be certain that I am totally against this kind of politics and expression of feelings. This does not have its place in our society. We live after all in a democracy and everyone is entitle to give their opinion in a respectful manner and get an answer in a respectful manner.

Q. What makes you better qualified than your competitor to be Mayor?

1. I am a team player and my team includes the elected Councillors an you the citizens. In that sense I will represent the totality of the population. I have always treated them with respect. Over the last 4 years as a councillor I have always listen to my citizens and brought their concerns up to the administration. I sometimes had to fight to get their concerns looked into and dealt with. However, m