Letter to the editor 9, Oct. 26, 2017

Loud and clear

Dear Editor,

I have been attending St. Lazare town council meetings for over two years now and one thing I find quite peculiar is the voting procedure. Resolutions are put forth and seconded without a show of hands by the councillors to demonstrate consent. I am a member of my school’s Governing Board, and when we need to vote, an idea is forwarded, seconded and then the board members have to show consent with a raise of hands. We are asked, ‘Are there any objections?’

I do not understand how municipal voting does not follow the same procedure. I watched Pointe Claire’s webcast of their town meetings and noticed that they do follow the same procedure as that of my school Governing Board. I started to research the issue and came across a similar concern with the voting procedures of Les Coteaux. According to the Ministry of Municipal affairs, each resolution needs to be proposed and then voted on by each council member. Voting needs to be pronounced loud and clear. Les Coteaux promises to follow legal procedure in their next meetings.

Let’s hope that St. Lazare’s new town council does likewise.

Joanne Ackland

Concerned citizen of Saint Lazare

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