Letter to the editor 3, Oct. 26, 2017

What about the arts?

Dear Editor,

Having the opportunity to send in my questions in advance and to hear candidates for Hudson mayor debate issues of concern last Thursday really did help me to solidify my choice.

I agree that financial stability and infrastructure updates are priorities for the new administration. It was stated that Hudson’s strategic plan is summed up by the poetic slogan ‘Where Art meets Nature’ followed by debate on items pertaining to the ‘nature’ half of it. However, I was sorely disappointed that there was not a single question or mention of the ‘art’ part.

I would like to know how each candidate sees the role of the municipality in the arts: as instigator or facilitator. I would also like to know what policies and procedures they would propose to ensure that public monies for the arts are fairly and equitably distributed without favouritism and bias. The debate about business did not make any mention of the significant economic contribution that the arts already make in drawing people to the town and enriching the community. I hope that the candidates will speak to this issue of concern to me and the hundreds of other people involved in promoting the arts in Hudson.

Jane Wright


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