Letter to the editor 2, Oct. 26, 2017

Question for debate

Dear Editor,

A weakness in Hudson’s mayoral candidates’ debate is that some contentious, difficult questions were crowded out by more popularly acceptable – e.g. Pine Lake – questions. While several recent council meetings contained arguments about urban density development required of towns by governmental instances higher than Hudson, this unresolved but inescapable matter was neglected. Secondly, while time was spent on how a mayor should manage labour, no word was spoken on how the town council should function. Recall that under the previous administration, each councillor had a dossier on which she/he reported at each regular meeting. Now, no such reports. Should the council meetings be reorganized such that information on municipal program functionings, shortcomings and successes can regularly be heard from those responsible, such that the reports are publicly recorded in minutes, and that citizens’ pertinent written comments and questions, along with council’s responses, become part of the public record?

The candidates were not asked.

Richard Rothschild


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