Letter to the editor 6, Oct. 19, 2017

Think carefully when voting

Dear Editor,

One of the lesser known treasures in our area is the small island town of L’Île Cadieux, a unique, tranquil favourite of nature lovers, walkers, and cyclists.

As a former long-time resident of L’Île Cadieux, I view the numerous ‘in your face’ political billboards that have appeared on the one central road with grave concern.

Yes, there is an election coming up, but my concern is for the future of this special place. Granted, several very large houses have been built in the last few years, but maybe it is not too late to preserve some of the unique features of the island, the Shagbark Hickory trees, spring wild flowers, wildlife, and other rare vegetation. I urge the residents to think carefully when voting, as these features could be lost forever.

Joanna Bicknell


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