Letter to the editor 4, Oct. 19, 2017

No room for hypocrisy

Dear Editor

I was shocked to read the article about St. Lazare mayoralty candidate Lise Jolicoeur. She stated she is now in disagreement with every resolution, decision, and infrastructure improvement she voted for over the last four years. What a turnaround.

Assuring accessibility to clean water by spending $8 million on a filtration plant is not “extravagant” but a necessity. As is a modern fire hall for our security. As for building a town hall (including community halls) that will not need renovations or extensions for generations, that shows foresight. Optimization of our waste water treatment is far from a luxury. We are all aware of various infrastructure that required immediate repair due to past neglect. Let’s not return to those days. These are not extravagances but demonstrate political courage and vision. She seemed to have agreed with those goals when she voted for them, however she now thinks it politically expedient to say the opposite.

A tax freeze is also nonsensical and simply impossible. Taxes in Saint Lazare went up 1.3 per cent last year. That’s far from “substantial.” An increase at, or below, inflation shows good management.

Throwing an unsubstantiated number like $11 million around for the town hall is also irresponsible. The tender for the building was $7.9 million and it is repeated at all council meetings that it remains under budget (plus we still have to consider the province’s contribution). Also, how can one compare a regional administrative MRC building serving 23 mayors and staff, (approximately 200 people) to a town hall that serves 20,000 people? I am sadly amused that despite four years on council, she doesn’t know how the different levels of government operate.

As for the Roundabout, she says “people” don’t want it. Perhaps she should ask those who are trying to go to, or get home from, work, pick up their children, make supper, take them to activities, and shop, and are wasting time, gas, and hurting the environment by spending extended periods of time at that intersection.

Every year she voted in favour of an equestrian festival attracting 15,000+ people and has helped put us on the map as a nature and animal loving community, but now she wants to scrap it. That’s like Rigaud scrapping the Festival des Couleurs.

Lastly, I cannot vote for someone who denigrates others in order to try and prop herself up. Criticizing the mayor and fellow councillors shows that she thinks Trump style politics is what we want.

Hypocrisy has no place on council or the mayor’s seat.

Anne Marie Conte

St. Lazare

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