Letter to the editor 2, Oct. 19, 2017

Unrealistic promises in St. Lazare

Dear Editor,

There are several want-to-be councillors and a couple of want-to-be mayors in the St. Lazare municipal election who are saying they will freeze taxes for the next two years. Is that what we want? I would never want such a person sitting on council or even worse sitting in the mayor’s office. The only way to freeze taxes in a municipality is to cut services dramatically, and then pretend that inflation does not exist. Obviously, both are not options for any community, let alone a successful and growing community like ours.

The results of the survey published on the MoneySense (www.moneysense.ca/save/top-100-best-places-to-raise-kids-2017/) website in July this year showed that Saint Lazare was rated 32nd in Canada (out of close to 4000 municipalities) for delivering the best bang for your buck in bringing up a family. What we get in services in this wonderful community compared to what we pay in taxes constitutes, by any measure, a great deal and the independent results of the MoneySense report confirms it. I don’t want to see my services cut simply because there are candidates out there with zero vision for the future, and no idea that one of the main roles and duties of a municipality is that of a service provider.

Don’t vote for somebody who makes such ridiculous promises. Vote for the person that says that he or she will continue providing the services that we have become accustomed to.

We have it great in St. Lazare with a mayor who genuinely cares about his community and believes in providing fantastic services. Let’s not lose what we have gained over the last few years by electing want-to-be’s, who cannot see further than their noses.

On November 5, get out and vote. We have much to be proud of in St. Lazare. This mayor has provided leadership that will continue to provide us with tranquility, security and accountability. If those whiners and complainers get their way, we will end up at the bottom of the MoneySense list, rather than continuing to be on top where we belong.

Cosimo La Rosa

St. Lazare

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