Letter to the editor 2, Oct. 12, 2017

Get out and vote

Dear Editor,

The reason most people move to St. Lazare is lower taxes, bigger homes, and open green spaces but with extravagant municipal spending, high density development and repeated tax increases, the reasons for coming here are all going away.

The current administration does not understand their own citizens because they are not listening to them. Remember 914 votes against Dune Lake, then 483 signatures (in one day) against the new town hall, all ignored, as the administration did what they wanted, without consideration of what ‘the people wanted.’

Taxes will increase again in 2018 when our $11.1 million new town hall starts being paid for but the present administration has more extravagant projects already in planning which will raise taxes much higher, while even now some people are already concerned about being able to afford to live in St. Lazare anymore.

Hopefully the town’s extravagant spending will be stopped with a new administration and we will not see row, on row, on row of ‘For Sale’ signs on homes in St. Lazare, when residents can no longer afford to pay St. Lazare taxes, to pay for other people’s ambitious dreams and other people’s visions of what they think St. Lazare should be.

Please get out and vote November 5.

Your community needs your input.

Liz Rozon

St. Lazare

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