• James Armstrong

Hudson Town Council approves loan for new well


Hudson Town Council concluded its four year mandate with a special meeting held Wednesday, October 4, to deal with potable water issues.

Hudson town council approved a $1.4 million loan by-law at a special meeting held Wednesday, October 4, to pay for the drilling of a new well to improve the potable water supply to the town. According to the by-law, the project will benefit from a subsidy provided by the province through Programme de la taxe sur l’essence et de la contribution du Québec 2014-2018 (TECQ). The subsidy, which amounts to $1,615, 587, covers the amount of the loan. The project is expected to take place in three phases including ground preparation and compensation for wetlands, drilling and construction, and exploitation of the well.

Water Committee

Council appointed a committee to do further research regarding new sources of potable water for the town including using the Ottawa River as a source. The committee members are Jacques Bourgeois, Larry Gray, Bill Nash, Betsy Stewart and Dave Warren and a to-be-decided member of the next council. Simon Corriveau, Coordinator of Grants and Certifications was also named to the committee as a resource person representing the town.

Council also approved the parking by-law held over from the previous council meeting held Monday, October 2. The parking by-law provides for an agreement between the owners of private parking lots and the town giving the town the right to apply the regulations to vehicles parked in those lots. Councillor Nicole Durand said that negotiations are currently underway with the owners of the parking lots of Cameron Shopping Center, the IGA and Hudson Hardware and Supplies.

Lease agreement with Canadian Coast Guard

A lease agreement between the Town of Hudson and the Canadian Coastguard was approved for the installation of a Nautical Rescue Station in Hudson. The amount of the amount of the lease was estimated between $12,000 and $16,000 per annum.