Letter to the editor 2, Oct. 5, 2017

Raising awareness

Dear Editor,

The more I attend events hosted by the Hudson Food Collective, the more impressed I am with this local, non-profit organization. Through its series of film presentations, wild food foraging walks and other events and organic food programs, HFC reminds one - in a very powerful way - that we always have responsible options.

After seeing the documentary film ‘Seeds: The Untold Story,’ presented at the Hudson Village Theatre, last week, I am more determined than ever to make better food choices. I will also continue to fight (in my small way) against the multi-national corporations which control governmental and medical institutions and generally ‘rape,’ pillage and murder throughout the world. Those accusations are not exaggerated, by the way.

Millions of people still automatically pick up products such as Round-Up herbicide or are persuaded to take (as just one example) Premarin, Prempro or PreEmPhase, as hormone replacement ‘therapy,’ without having any clue as to what type of activities they are supporting or how they are putting themselves at risk.

I hope HFC will continue to present mind-blowing documentaries.

Hilary Dempsey


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