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Parrywinkle, September 28, 2017

PHOTO BY JAMES PARRY Taking a coffee break from setting up their Galerie Plus which opens this weekend, Bert and Heather Markgraf are looking forward to expanding Hudson’s artistic scene in the heart of the village.

Wow, what wonderful wacky weather these past couple of weeks. And here we are, as of a few days ago, officially into fall. Who would have ever thunk it?


CARPE DIEM - Lawns still being mowed. Perennials, usually as dead as doornails right now, still blooming. Convertibles still cruising. Shorts, sandals, short-sleeved shirts, sunglasses, and halter tops still in vogue. Bags of ice selling like hot cakes at local stores. Air conditioners whirring. And the occasional vee of Canada Geese flying in the wrong direction overhead in cloudless robin-egg blue skies obviously equally confused as we are down here below. Ah, don't you just love it? And to quote the immortal words of the Roman poet, Horace, writing in 23 BC, 'Carpe diem.'

Okay. So I'm obviously not speaking for everyone. But hey, we really didn't have a summer and there's always a seemingly interminable frigid winter ahead of us. When thoughts will turn to snow clearing, bundling up and for some - my beautiful Sunshine and I included – listening to blazing logs crackling in the fireplace while reading a good book or whatever!


NEW GALLERY IN TOWN - It will be a winter, incidentally, that will also see a new year-round art gallery here in Hudson with the official opening at 448 Main Road this Saturday, September 30, of Galerie Plus, the brainchild of Bert and Heather Markgraf who have long been an integral part of the performing arts and cultural scene in our fair hamlet.

In fact, the dynamic duo founded the Hudson Village Theatre (HVT) some 25 years ago under a tent near Mon Village Restaurant with Heather going on to become its first artistic director in the train station where it is now housed while Bert was the first president of the board of directors.

Both have been in shows put on by the Hudson Music Club and Hudson Players Club, work on StoryFest, and Heather still runs Theatre Panache and produces shows with a local flavour such as Phoebe's Gift recently and the three The Riversmead Affair sequels of dinner theatre a few years back in which I had the pleasure of playing the part of Sir James to a rave review. And the fact that I wrote the review myself had absolutely nothing to do with it!


EXPANDING LOCAL ARTS SCENE - So why now an art gallery? Explains Heather, “The Hudson area has about 100 active artists and a lot do show at the annual exhibitions of the artists groups and about a dozen or so are on the Studio Tour each year. Beyond that, many exhibit outside Hudson and some have galleries that sell their work elsewhere. Ours will provide them with a quality setting to exhibit and sell their paintings right in the heart of the village and we will be featuring one or two local artists at a time changing them every few months.”

Adds Bert, “While helping expand the Hudson arts scene, we will also be exhibiting and offering for sale Markgraf Prints created by my parents, Peter and Traudl, which were very popular in the 80s and 90s. Since they passed away, however, these have been in storage but we don't think this is a good place for them. Rather, we think Peter and Traudl would have wanted them seen and distributed to people who like them.”

Way to go guys. I'm sure they would be very proud of you both!


FOR FRANÇOISE - In closing, a reminder that Lorne Elliott's hilarious The Fixer-Upper opens at HVT tomorrow night (Friday, September 29) with another performance on Saturday. It is his first play ever staged there, it's a hoot starring Hudsonite Karen Cromar and Kyle Gregor-Pearse, it has received rave reviews elsewhere in Canada, and all proceeds from the show will be going to Nova Hudson in memory of Lorne's beloved wife, Françoise Doliveux, who passed away in June.

For reservations, call the HVT Box Office at (450) 458-5361 or go to villagetheatre.ca.

See you there?

And that's a wrap!

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