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Mulcair endorses Hudson mayoral candidate Bill Nash


Hudson mayoral candidate Bill Nash (left) has been officially endorsed by Tom Mulcair, leader of the federal New Democratic Party (NDP), for the upcoming municipal election.

Tom Mulcair, leader of the federal New Democratic Party (NDP), paid a special visit to Hudson to officially endorse mayoral candidate Bill Nash who announced his bid for election during an impromptu press conference at Jack Layton Park last Friday, September 22.

“I am so proud to be here on the first day of his campaign because he’s not only an outstanding administrator both public and private, he’s also got a heart of gold,” Mulcair told Your Local Journal.

“This is the rare senior businessman who has also worked tirelessly with people who were the sickest of the sick and put in place an AIDS hospice that was second to none in Canada. This is the Bill Nash who’s been my friend since we were kids. That’s why I’m so honoured to be here today on the day of his launch,” said Mulcair.

His support for Nash is more than just endorsing a life-long friend, said Mulcair. “He’s a dear friend but also an incredibly capable guy. He’s worked hard his whole life and I know he’s going to bring straight-forward talk, determination and openness to council. And I will be there beside him when he begins his door-to-door campaign,” Mulcair added.

Private and public sector experience

Nash is drawing upon his significant experience in both the private and public sector to lead the town. His 40-year work career was focused primarily in the technology industry, mostly in senior management roles. His work history includes stints in research-and-development and manufacturing for many start-up companies. Nash ended his career as a chief operating officer.

He has also sat on the board of the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) for five years and spent 20 years as a volunteer and chairman of the Maison d’Hérelle AIDS hospice. “My experience at a board level at the SAAQ, with community organizations, and with business has given me a very rounded management experience that I can bring to the role of mayor,” said Nash.

Regular council meeting attendee

Even though he’s only lived in Hudson for four years, Nash feels he learned about the workings of the town and has regularly attended council meetings. “I love this place and I have the skills and experience to contribute. The challenge of becoming mayor excites me. I’m aware of what the job entails. I’ve been chatting on and off with (Mayor) Ed Prévost who has been giving me very good advice. I know exactly what I’m getting into,” he said.

“The management of the town still needs improvement. It still hasn’t fully recovered from the turmoil of the (Louise) Villandré years. There’s a lot of work to be done there and I can certainly help with that. Ed and his team did a great job bringing it this far. They’ve got the finances under control which is a major accomplishment,” said Nash.

Louise-Léger Villandré pleaded guilty in December 2015 to six of 19 criminal charges in relation to $1.1 million that went missing from the town between 1996 and 2013 during her role as Director General.

Infrastructure upgrades

Nash said the Town of Hudson has to start looking at upgrading its infrastructure. “The town has been let go. The maintenance needed hasn’t been done and we have to catch up. We have to catch up with the roads which will be a major undertaking. We have to catch up with Pine Lake and restore Hudson to the beauty that everybody remembers. I’m ready for the challenge,” he said. “I wouldn’t be sitting here if I wasn’t.”

When asked why he’s endorsing Nash instead of Jamie Nicholls, the former federal NDP Member of Parliament for Vaudreuil-Soulanges who is also running for mayor, Mulcair said, “Jamie is a nice guy. I had the pleasure of sitting with him in Ottawa for several years. Bill is a lifelong friend and someone that I know to be a top-flight public administrator, businessman and well-regarded for his volunteerism. This is why I’m endorsing Bill.”

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