Letter to the editor 6, Sept. 28, 2017

Urban sprawl versus wildlife 2

Dear Editor,

In early September on Mayfair Street, between 20 and 40 trees were cut down on a housing development in Hudson.

Yes, of course we are talking about private ownership. However we are talking about a legal imperative and a moral one. At the moment the tree by-law states that one must have a permit to fell trees larger than a 10-inch diameter. With the new Director General, there is hope that the by-law will be changed to a much smaller diameter.

The property about which I spoke has had every tree removed. I measured the diameters today. Some are very large. In any case it is not only by measuring a diameter of a tree that we know the age. There are many factors including, height, etc. It was unnecessary to remove all of these trees.

The property directly adjacent on the west side has many trees on it. This house was built between two and three years ago. The builder (or owner) felt it was morally imperative, not to mention aesthetically beneficial, to keep as many trees as possible.

The fine for not getting a permit to cut down a tree is $300. If you build a $1,000,000 home… small change, really, even if you cut 30 trees illegally.

The original homes built on Alstonvale Street have many trees on them, my own included. Some of the newer homes on Vipond Street have houses which were built on landfill. Trees were removed and because the ground becomes sodden during rainy periods, the ‘replanted’ trees die. The original houses on the north end of Vipond have many trees on each property.

There is no knowledge or intelligence re: the planting of trees. Trees, like people, do better in a community. To take down 50 to 60 trees and salve your conscience, or the town's, by planting 10 trees is absurd.

I look out on what is left of a beautiful wood. It is home to birds, tree frogs, Cicadas, voles, mice, yes even raccoons and skunks and one or more adventuresome fox.

The leaves rustle as if singing.

Only a fool would remove that.

Frankly, I don't know how the town makes its judgement. What I do know is that trees are disappearing, unnecessarily.


Cathryn McNamee


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