Letter to the editor 5, Sept. 28, 2017

Urban sprawl versus wildlife

Dear Editor,

Here we go again. We big brained ignorant Homo sapiens.

How do we live with animals that have a super sense of smell and get excited by an enticing garbage bin?

How do we live with an animal whose claws are strong enough to break a screen and whose claws are clever enough to open a fridge?

Unfortunately not in awe of you some of us want to control you. We don't delight in your agility and beauty. We forget you have a family and babies. We forget you are protective of your family and have to support them.

We want to get rid of you. We want to exterminate you. We think nothing of putting down poison. We think nothing of drowning you.

Yikes I cry! Alas, alack!

Now we are in a phase of mushrooming urban sprawl (Vaudreuil-Soulanges) entertaining more and more people. That means more people who appear to have lost their contact – or never had the privilege of contact – with nature.

How to alert people to the importance of retaining the fauna and the flora that belongs to the planet?

How to restore to people how more refreshing and relaxing the place where not, as per G. M. Hopkins, "all is seared with trade; smeared with toil; and wears man's smudge and shares man's smell: the soil is bare now, nor can foot feel being shod.”

Does the government have to step and fine? That seems to work… People don’t like to lose their money. Least of all to the government.

Children are curious. They find beauty in a stone. They take insects as pets. They see the wonder in a spider's web. They love the antics of a squirrel. They have the respect for the planet. Oh, to remember that time.

This letter was prompted finally by walking up in La Minerve where nature runs rampant.

Thanks to Tim, Luc and Christine, Lyric and Muse.

L. Ramsay


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