Letter to the editor 3, Sept. 28, 2017

Ste. Anne's Dog attack

Dear Editor,

Two weeks ago in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, I witnessed a brutal attack by a pit bull on a spaniel (Your Local Journal, September 14, page 5). My husband and I were driving down the street when a dog came charging. We stopped and watched the pit bull run up to the first dog. He then went across the street where a woman had her dog in her arms. The pit bull grabbed her dog by the leg and was pulling and writhing and growling. There was no way that they could dislodge the biting dog.

A lady had an umbrella and was hitting the pit bull. A young teenager was pulling at it, trying to get it off the spaniel. We watched in horror realizing that this pit bull was not going to stop its attack. I got out of my car and tried to find something to hit the attacker with to help somehow. The woman who owned the pit bull was unable to command the dog off – he just kept pulling and tugging at the dog’s leg while it was bleeding and yelping. A full minute passed before a man came out of his house and started shouting at the pit bull as he was running over. It still hung on until the man physically pulled it off the spaniel. The pit bull then jumped up and was biting the dog everywhere. The man pulled the dog off again but did not seem to be able to control him.

Finally the man was able to pull the dog off and he took it into the house. I have heard of pit bull attacks but never envisioned how very violent it was. We were all helpless until the owner intervened. I was sure that during this effort to save the spaniel from harm one of the ladies would be attacked.

We guided the owner of the spaniel to our car and drove her to the vet. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen, the owner placed the spaniel on the table and removed the leash from her dog. She was pleading for someone to help her poor dog (I learnt the dog’s name was Ozzy). A woman came into the room, checked the dog, and said she was taking Ozzy into see the vet. Moments later the vet informed the woman that the dog was dead. During the attack the pit bull must have clamped a major organ.

Arriving home, I saw the owners of the pit bull were outside with Public Security. I told them the dog had died. I asked the elderly woman why she owned a dog she could not control. She was visibly shaken and her son told her not to tell her grandchildren inside the house that the spaniel had died due to the pit bull’s violent attack. I found this so ironic that his children were in the house with an animal that just killed another living being. I worry for their safety after witnessing this dog’s behaviour. I was surprised at his nonchalant reaction to what had just occurred.

I sent an email to the city. They came to my house but said there was no action (besides municipal fines) they could take. If I saw the dog unmuzzled, I should report it.

I now carry a weapon when I walk with my two-year-old granddaughter who lives just a few doors from this violent pit bull.

I know after witnessing this dreadful scene that I would not be able to protect her without a weapon.

This pit bull is still around and much of our community is scared.

Next time it will be a human being that dies.

Linda Schreindorfer


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