• James Armstrong and Carmen Marie Fabio

Mapping a safe road home for Northern Map Turtles


Still sporting their eggshell shattering teeth, two baby Northern Map Turtles were released in Rigaud’s Raquette River.

Two tiny Northern Map Turtles, barely five days old, were released into their natural habitat of the Raquette River in Rigaud on Thursday, September 7.

The hatchlings, about each the size of a Canadian two dollar coin, took to the water in a matter of minutes and hid under a protective log.

“They are a vulnerable species of turtle,” said Guylaine Nadeau from Service d’Intervention Animale Rive Nord, a non-profit organization that provides an intervention service for wildlife in urban areas of Quebec.

Life for the two young turtles began with the tragic end of their mother’s life.

“She was found on the road in this area and her condition wasn’t good,” recounted Nadeau. The adult female turtle had sustained serious injuries that were infected. “We were unable to save her, but as she died, she laid two eggs,” said Nadeau who was able to find an unnamed source that had an incubator available that could accommodate the hatching of the eggs.

Service d’Intervention Animale Rive Nord works in partnership with several rehabilitation, conservation and observation agencies as well as government departments and agencies. For further information regarding this organization, visit www.facebook.com/interventionanimale/.