Lexi deserves a home


Lexi lived outdoors for the first three years of her life. She managed… eating here and there when she could. The winters were cold. She had frostbite.

She had a first litter of kittens and they were poisoned by someone in the neighbourhood. The next time she had a litter of kittens, a kindly neighbour didn’t want them to suffer the same fate so she took them away and brought them to the SPCA. They were euthanized due to overpopulation.

The next time she got pregnant, the same kindly neighbour took her in and let her live in her front hall until she was fostered by Casca. Lexi had her kittens in a foster home and her babies were all adopted out.

Lexi is up for adoption now. She just wants a quiet family who will pet her and play with her and let her lay in the sun and look out the window.

The odds are against her – she is almost four years old and has black fur…but she still has hope!

Would you adopt Lexi?

For more information regarding Lexi, please contact us at (514) 706-2287 or by email at cascavaudreuil@outlook.com.

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