• James Parry

The Fixer-Upper comes to Hudson after being on the road


Posing with the iconic sculpture outside Hudson Village Theatre, Kyle Gregor-Pearse, Karen Cromar, and Lorne Elliott are all set to stage The Fixer-Upper there with a most creative set designed and constructed by Lorne’s brother Michael.

You may find this hard to believe but famous funnyman, novelist, and playwright extraordinaire Lorne Elliott, whose original works have come in for critical acclaim throughout Canada for nigh on 40 years, has not ever seen one of his plays performed in his home town of Hudson.

Good news. That is all about to change on Friday and Saturday, September 29 and 30, when Elliott brings The Fixer-Upper, a comedy in seven phone calls to Hudson Village Theatre following a recent successful run in several venues in both Quebec and Ontario. What's more, proceeds from the show will be going to Nova Hudson in memory of his beloved, Françoise Doliveux, who passed away in June.

Said Elliott, in an exclusive interview with Your Local Journal, “In its first incarnation, ten years ago, The Fixer-Upper wasn't particularly successful because, well, you have to learn your craft. But now after several rewrites it's working like a charm, and I hope everybody shows up and has a good time with it.”

He said this latest iteration of the script was put on last winter in Wakefield, then Huntingdon, with Elliott playing Bruno, and with the great fellow Hudsonite Karen Cromar playing Aunt Tillie as a voice offstage.

“We found that the revised script worked as a story and then, because we agreed that I am really too old for the part, Karen suggested Kyle Gregor-Pearse as a replacement, and I'm glad she did. He is just great in the role, dimples and all.”

Said Elliott, “After Bancroft in Ontario we went to the Piggery in North Hatley, and then two weeks in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, so apart from everything else good about the experience, we're starting to build a circuit for other Canadian plays to go on the road. All in all, it's been a great experience and the play is being greeted with hoots and hollers and applause. So we are definitely looking forward to bringing it all back home here to Hudson.”

As for the plot, suffice to say that it is a fun, thought-provoking comedy about family dynamics, summer rentals, and profiteering.

For reservations, call the HVT Box Office at (450) 458-5361 or go to villagetheatre.ca.

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