• Carmen Marie Fabio

Rosie Animal Adoption bouncing back after robbery


Despite a recent break-and-enter that saw Rosie Animal Adoption lose their computer systems from their Pincourt office, the group, founded by Anne Dubé (above) still made an appearance at the September 9 Beaconsfield Pet Fair.

The September 8 Pet Fair held in Beaconsfield was deemed a success with a record turn-out and several dogs adopted following an onstage ‘cat-walk’ by many animal rescue agencies but at least one was unable to present their potential adoptees due to a recent robbery – Rosie Animal Adoption.

“It was a big loss for us at Rosie’s,” said Rosie’s founder Anne Dubé of the three laptop computers that were stolen from her Pincourt office September 5. “We’ve had to work several days to try and get it all back. It’s the loss of our information and setting everything back up again – it’s extremely time consuming.”

Founded in 2001, the organization, which helps place orphaned, neglected, and unwanted dogs, is entirely run by volunteers who foster dogs in their homes until a suitable adoptive family is found.

Sûreté du Québec (SQ) officers told Dubé she could visit pawn shops or look at online sites to try and recover the stolen laptops – all of which were password protected. Because the organization doesn’t take credit card payments, there is no credit risk to previous animal adopters.

Despite the lack of a cat-walk, Pet Fair co-organizer Karen Messier said Rosie’s was still able to adopt out two dogs along with the many other rescue organizations in attendance including SPCA Montreal and SPCA Ouest-de-l’Île, Compassionate Animal Adoption, Gerdy’s, Animatch, and Kiko. With attendance at over 1000, Messier said this was one of the most successful editions in the event’s 11-year history.

Foster-mother and Hudson resident Andrea Bottomley said following three full days’ work – and the help of Google Drive – all the missing information has been brought up to date.

“We’re back up and running now,” she said. “Adoptions are happening again.”