Letter to the editor 5, Sept. 14, 2017

Tree troubles

Dear Editor,

I feel sorry for the people who bought the house on Ridge Street and cleaned up the yard including the trees on their property that provided privacy for Pierre Lanctôt and Carole Ménard (Your Local Journal, September 7, page 7). Buying a property that has been let go over the years, you should be allowed to make it your own, and if that means cleaning up the place, cutting overgrown trees to clear up your lot, so that you have more room, light, space etc. is your right.

I can relate to the new owners, when neighbours have been there a few years, and get upset when you want to change things on your property, saying you should have talked to them before! If they wrote to the Town and went to the Journal, and complained, imagine asking them first if it's okay. The town has its bylaws and have to decide if what you want to build, cut, or change on your property is legal and only then do you get a permit. I don't see why I should have to ask my neighbours’ permission. Asking would be better but in all probability cause friction anyway! Maybe the new owners have great plans which will enhance their property, making the place beautiful again – give them a chance!

And, as the saying goes, "be careful for what you wish for.” St. Lazare is very strict on the things you can do to your property, sort of takes away a person’s rights. Next thing you know the very people who wanted strict laws will complain about what they weren't allowed to do.

Anyway, now is the chance for the people at the corner of Côte St. Charles and Ridge to put in a new hedge or bushes, as I noticed in the picture very little hiding the neighbour’s yard, giving the impression they and previous owners relied on their neighbours trees for privacy.

Bernard Lauzon


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