Letter to the editor 3, Sept. 14, 2017

Water, water everywhere…

Dear Editor,

Being relatively new to the Saint-Lazare area, we came upon a very bad situation as of August 29, 2017.

Our water main burst and we immediately notified the city.

They spent the whole day here locating the break which happened to be under our workshop. They informed me to contact my husband at work to come home immediately so we could tear down our workshop and garage in order for it to be repaired. (Which I did).

The break turned out not to be on city property and they said they could not fix it but informed me of another huge problem. Our water main supplies not only our house but three others as well!

They informed me that is never seen or done nowadays. In the meantime three other homes across the street have leaks as well.

After dealing with a Patrick Descheneaux, Director, Service des Infrastructures, he advised us we needed our own private water main and shut-off.

The city immediately installed one on the wrong street (we later found out) and billed us $2,000 payable immediately.

We then had to hire a private excavator and plumber to continue on where the city left off.

All while hundreds of gallons of clean drinking water continue to pour out.

Once our hook-up is complete, we are not allowed to have the city shut off the main that is broken because it would interrupt water service to three other homes.

The other three are following suit.

All four of us have now pad $2,000 each totalling $8,000 just to have city service which is what we pay our property taxes for. Not to omit we all have another $3,000 each to pay to complete the job.

We are infuriated.

The City of Saint Lazare told us that there are a lot of homes sharing one main between four address including homes on Gosselin, Marquis, and St Charles. This was told by the director.

I want this letter to bring awareness to other Saint-Lazare residents especially if your home was constructed in the mid-1970s, or if you're about to purchase one.

To date, we have left numerous messages to our councillor for District 5 and our Mayor Robert Grimaudo. No response from either as of yet.

We feel the city should be partially responsible for this mess.

Our welcome taxes and city taxes are paid!

The water continues to leak. Hundreds of gallons a day on our property and street.

The other side of the street has broken mains spilling onto the road too.

Susan Clarke


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