Letter to the editor 2, Sept. 14, 2017

Council meeting observations

Dear Editor,

I thought I was at the Hudson meeting or the Harper Valley PTA the way the September 5 St. Lazare council meeting was being conducted. Nothing has changed in the last 12 months.

I was totally frustrated by certain citizens holding the council members hostage and dragging out the monthly meeting. I greatly appreciated the patience of the council members and Director General Serge Tremblay who repeated the same answers time and again to the same questions. I really don't understand why people don't listen. It is the same people who ask the same questions month after month to receive the same answers. The fake news and gossip circulating in St. Lazare is beyond comprehension. I guess it is politics.

I attended a meeting three months ago, and the council had answered 90 per cent of the questions at that time. Hydro clearing of vegetation, sewage and run off drainage in the affected sector, pumps in the ditches, city hall costs, etc.

The only new situation was that of the apartment complex at the city center. The citizens voiced their concerns for traffic in that area. They indicated their displeasure from the aggravation they endured from the petition seeking representatives of the contractor that harassed them. The accusation that the mayor used taxpayer’s money to attend a fundraising golf tournament should have been answered in this manner. "Yes, I did attend the golf tournament and the tax payers paid for it. I receive a salary for my services. I used a portion of that money to purchase a ticket. This amount came from an amount of discretionary funds from my paycheque that I budget to support what I trust to be a worthy cause. Do I need to give a monthly account on how I spend my paycheque and the events I wish to attend after my day’s work?"

Unfortunately, the unfounded accusations and innuendos that have been said at this meeting and previous meetings are now out there. Some of the unfounded statements were close to being libelous. No matter how much the councillors try to defend themselves their character and integrity has been put into question by gossip and insinuations.

If these people so despise the mayor and independent council members you have your chance. Throw your hat in the ring. You have until September 22, 2017. I hope you win so the shoe will be on the foot and see how you like it.

Furthermore, my questions for council were answered at the beginning, in the middle and the end of question period. Just like yours. Three times. I was going to go to the mic and propose to the sitting members of the council that they should take the opportunity to add a referendum ballot to the voting day in November. There are two hot topics which are Au Galop and the proposed traffic circle on Bédard Avenue and Chemin St. Louis. It should be up to the taxpayers to decide on further debt load. The cost of each project should be on the referendum ballot.

A further note to the St. Lazare residents. A stop sign does not have the word optional written on it. Please follow the law; the signs are there for a purpose and the safety of the citizens.

Robert Price

St. Lazare

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