Letter to the editor 2, Sept. 7, 2017

Garage Sale Politics

Dear Editor,

I survived my first Labour Day weekend garage sale in Chaline Valley! A cross section of residents from all over Saint-Lazare showed up and surprisingly the chatter centered around politics! People are very unhappy with the current state of affairs.

Higher taxes seems to be the main pressure point and this extravagant spending has diminished the quality of life in Saint-Lazare. Millions of dollars already spent and going to be spent, for who? And what are we getting? A Taj Mahal town hall?

Houses are still sinking and flooding with residents still stuck in landslide zones, traffic has gotten a lot worse, high density developments being built in close proximity to the sewage lagoons, a downtown core with abandoned for sale buildings that need a water pumping crew every time it rains hard to avoid flooding and a town-sponsored ‘Au Galop’ festival that's seems to have lost its flavor.

Try driving out from Tim Horton’s and you realized the sidewalk and bike path are bigger than the car lanes! The Hydro pole is in the street and you end up in the oncoming lane when you try to turn out.

All those meetings at the security committee and nobody has done anything about it!

Overwhelmingly from what I heard, the sentiment is clear, taxpayers are fed up.

The nice man in District 4 has been trying hard to put the brakes on spending but those who sit in the ‘Au Galop’ VIP tent are not listening.

Constantinos Markakis

Chaline Valley resident

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