Letter to the editor 1, August 31, 2017

Public record?

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the John Jantak article (St. Lazare council questioned over alleged financial discrepancy, Your Local Journal, August 10, page 3) about financial discrepancies discovered by Michel Lambert regarding St. Lazare councillors’ committee attendance payments of 2013, compared to payments for 2014, plus the follow up letter from Joanne Ackland.

I find it very disconcerting and hypocritical that we have a St. Lazare administration telling the residents that...

1) A permit is required to cut down a 30mm tree.

2) A permit is required for watering.

3) A permit is required to hold a garage sale.

4) A permit is required for renovations.

5) A permit is required to install a pool.

6) A permit is required for dogs (tag) etc. etc. etc…

Plus, this same administration has every detail about the size and fixed contents of every taxpayers’ house, plus the number of people living in each residence, as well as aerial photographs of every road, store, house, garden, stable, barn and ‘out-house’ in St. Lazare. Yet this same administration did not keep any written records of which committees met on official town business in 2014, who attended those committee meetings, how many committees each councillor went to in 2014, or even what committees existed in 2014.

Yet, based on unknown attendances records, and some sort of ‘formulation’ of the committee attendance payments, the administration decided to increase every councillors’ salary by $7,500 from that date forward, adding $45,000 per year to taxpayers’ costs, and it was all done without any written records of committee meetings/attendees in 2014 ?

Out of curiosity, who voted to increase councillors remuneration in this case?

Alan Nicol

St. Lazare

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