Second edition of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Paws for Hope in Saint-Lazare : a walk-a-thon in wh

On Sunday October 8th 2017, more than 40 four-legged companions as well as 40 handlers are expected to take part in the second edition of Canadian Cancer Society’s (CCS) Paws for Hope in Saint-Lazare, a fundraising activity that helps save more lives, one step at a time. The event will take place at Guides Canins in Saint-Lazare (1200 Montée Poirier), a proud local partner of the CCS. Last year, the event raised more than 10 000$.

To participate, each walker must collect donations before the event on behalf of their dog and turn up on D-Day (rain or shine) to walk a few kilometres in good company. In addition to the $10 registration fee, the minimum suggested collection is $100 per animal. Those who would like to walk a second dog will have to raise an additional $50 at least. The activity will be followed or preceded by a picnic. There will also be entertainment and canine sports demos. Please visit for more information, and choose Saint-Lazare on the drop-down menu.

The dog: an ally against cancer

Several studies show that dogs, which have a highly developed sense of smell, can potentially detect (smell) some cancers early on. This could lead to the development of tests for the early detection of cancer in human beings. In addition to inspiring research projects, dogs help people with cancer cope better with this ordeal. In fact, it has been proven that the presence of a pet brings comfort and reassurance to patients. Another advantage of being a dog owner is that the animal breaks the home-bound routine. It increases the physical activity of its masters by forcing them to go out to walk the dog. An effective way to possibly prevent some cancers.

“There are a million dogs in Quebec. The CCS’s Paws for Hope walk-a-thon is a simple, fun and original way of fundraising to fight against all cancers. It’s also a way to prevent cancer, if the young and old get into the habit of walking with the pooch! Register now because it pays to walk,” says Karine Bourgeois, the CCS’s development officer.

In 2017, seven Paws for Hope walk-a-thons have been planned in different cities across Quebec. The activity is sponsored at the provincial level by Mondou. They will provide prizes and dog’s material to the participants of every venue. Moreover, during the summer, the customers who’ve used their Doggie-Wash service (available in 47 stores all across Quebec) were invited to make a $5 donation to the CCS. The results will be announced in September and distributed fairly through 7 events.

“Four-legged companions” and their masters can participate in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Paws for Hope by registering online at or contacting one the CCS’s regional offices, at 450-692-5110.

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