Sûreté du Québec police reports


On August 19, at approximately 1:30 a.m, Sûreté du Québec officers captured two motorists who were following each other while traveling at high speeds on Route 201 in St-Clet.

Sgt. Aurélie Guindon reports the first motorist was clocked driving over 190 km/hr in the 90-km zone and the second was captured going over 135 km/h. The police were able to intercept the second vehicle while the first motorist attempted to flee the police before losing control on a curve near Chemin Ste-Marie.

The investigation revealed the two motorists were running a street race.

The driver of the first vehicle, an 18-year-old woman, received an $1821 offense and 24 demerit points for the excessive speeding. The driver of the second vehicle, a young man of 19 years, received a fine of $351 and five demerit points for speeding.

In addition, the two drivers each received a ticket for $1534 and 12 demerit points for taking part in a race. Their permits were suspended for a period of seven days and their vehicles were seized for seven days, as provided for in the Highway Safety Code for this category of offense.

Police are reminding the public that in recent years, on average each year speed was involved in motor vehicle accidents resulting in 130 deaths and 470 serious injuries.


On August 22 around 7 p.m., police received a call concerning a motorist who was driving erratically in Rigaud.

The vehicle was located and intercepted on St-François Street. The driver was arrested for driving with alcohol-impaired ability but he resisted arrest by assaulting the police officer. The passenger who was with him at the time of the interception also came to intervene before fleeing on foot.

The arrested driver then committed mischief in the patrol vehicle and threatened the police officer.

The suspect was brought to the station where he failed the breathalyzer with a rate higher than the allowable limit. A few grams of cannabis were also seized in the vehicle.

The 39-year-old arrested man was held in custody and appeared at the Valleyfield Courthouse August 23 in connection with the event.

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