Letter to the editor 4, August 24, 2017

Power of persistence

Dear Editor,

I am happy to say that after almost two years of persistence and patience, the council of St Lazare have finally applied for a subsidy to help residents such as myself who have sinking houses. The provincial government has a program available. I have attended council meetings for the past two years and researched the issue in depth. Many times I felt discouraged by the responses that I received from the mayor and councillors. It seemed like they were not interested in doing anything and that my concerns were falling on deaf ears. I knew that provincial subsidy programs open and close frequently.

I hounded the town for over two years and I was delighted to hear from Councillor Jolicoeur that it was due to my relentless efforts that the town is finally going to help residents with sinking houses! I am very relieved but also a little skeptical as to the timing of the help. Could it be that the council are hoping to win electors’ votes with the promise of this program?

I know that Réno Québec has been available for over a year so why didn’t the council apply sooner? I have the same feeling with the Chaline Valley landslide issue, a problem that was ignored for over five years. The council may argue that they have accomplished a lot in their term, but I would argue that they only did so because their backs were against the wall.

If it were not for the efforts of Mr. Meades and Mr. Markakis, I am not sure that the Chaline Valley issue would have been resolved so quickly. If concerned citizens such as myself, Meades and Markakis had not raised their voices, the status quo would have remained and the issues would not have been resolved.

Residents do have their say and their say is very important for the upcoming election.

Vote wisely...

Joanne Ackland

Concerned resident of St Lazare

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