• James Armstrong

Hudson setting for murder mystery film featuring Patrick Dempsey


Location Director Pierre Blondin (left) was in Hudson working out the logistics of filming ‘The Truth about the Harry Québert Affair’ with Town of Hudson Director of Culture and Tourism Nicolas Pedneault.

Location Manager Pierre Blondin was in Hudson August 15 preparing the way for the crew of approximately 150 filming the 10-episode television film ‘The Truth About The Harry Québert Affair’ based on the bestselling French novel written by Joël Dicker. Briefly, the plot centres around a well-known, highly respected writer who finds himself charged with murder after the body of a young girl is found buried on his property.

Blondin made room in his busy schedule to meet with Your Local Journal along with Town of Hudson Director of Culture and Tourism Nicolas Pedneault.

“We are the first to arrive and the last to leave,” said Blondin, describing his crew as a group of hardworking individuals who frequently work long hours in unfamiliar places under difficult circumstances. In addition, behind the scenes, there are costume and makeup departments that also play an important role.

“It isn’t all glamour and stars and red carpet,” he said, stressing his team works hard to make a living. Patrick Dempsey (‘Dr. McDreamy’ from the television series Grey’s Anatomy), Ben Schnetzer, Damon Wayans Jr. and Virginia Madsen are playing the main roles in the film, according to a recent article in Deadline Hollywood.

It’s not Blondin’s first time filming in Hudson. “I like to think of us as guests who want to be invited to return,” he said having been in town two years ago.

Hudson was chosen as one of several locations because of its similarity to a New Hampshire town. Blondin described travelling with director Jean-Jacques Annaud through New Hampshire and Quebec in 2016 in search of ideal locations for filming. “At that point, he had the book but not the script,” said Blondin.

Other potential locations for filming were Chambly, Montreal, and Forestville. “Forestville has an incredible beach,” said Blondin adding that the 10-day shoot on the beach was winding up at that moment.

Filming is scheduled to begin in Hudson near the end of August. Blondin plans to use 16 or17 exterior and interior locations that include several homes and businesses. “You can imagine the logistics in organizing that,” he said. There will be some road closures at various times including an area on Côte Saint-Charles Road near Westwood High School. However, both Blondin and Pedneault emphasized that regardless of the filming, all emergency vehicles and school buses would have priority.

Concerns about late night filming and noise were raised at a recent Hudson town council meeting. When asked about these issues, Blondin said in each situation arrangements are made to meet the needs of those living in the area.

“For example, if there is late night shooting, I will ask if the neighbours want to relocate to a hotel so that they can sleep in peace,” said Blondin adding that, for the most part, people choose to stay in their homes.

For Blondin, the most important message he wanted to communicate to Hudson residents was a huge thank you for welcoming the project. He expects the filming to continue until sometime in October.