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Parrywinkle, August 17, 2017


Playing their part in a great team effort and helping to raise renovation funds for Como Golf Club were Ray Gauthier, Thelma McCourt, Olivia Sledge, Bryan Fritz, Anne Robinson, Sylvia Rankin and, in appropriate period sporting attire, official greeter Peter Lyons.

For someone who has played just one game of golf in his life - hitting 95 I might add – it seems that I have been spending an inordinate amount of time at local golf courses recently. But just like vacationing Donald Trump right now, it wasn't all fun on the fairways. I mean, I was actually working dear readers.

Reporting last week as I did on the Cunninghams-Whitlock Community Golf Classic and the Father Roland Demers fundraising tournament for St. Thomas Aquinas Church, both held at Whitlock Golf and Country Club in Hudson just two days apart. And this week on an equally positive happening at the oldest golf club still located on its original site in all of Quebec, if not Canada. Namely, Como Golf Club on Harwood, also in Hudson, established in 1902 and which continues to operate on a non-profit basis in pristine woodland.

But first, that score I mentioned above. It was actually for the first nine holes on what I was told was an easy course. And I decided right there and then that golf was not exactly my cup of tea!


HISTORICAL RENOVATION - I was there together with over 150 club members, friends, and residents from throughout the region for a silent auction of works by some 15 artists and many donors with all proceeds - $4,000 at last count - going towards the historical renovation of the club house which members are determined to preserve and continue to use for many years to come.

Said co-organizer, Bryan Fritz, “We sold 42 of 48 pieces including large and small oil paintings, watercolours, and drawings. And also several flower photographs and a lovely picture of the 8th hole at Como Golf. This could not have been done without the efforts of so many club members who volunteered their time and worked hard together to make it happen. The Ladies Golf Committee, for example, helped to create the exhibit space and arrange the pieces for display. And a very special thank you goes out to Olivia Sledge who first proposed this idea to the board of directors and who was by far the main and key player that made it all happen.”


AMAZING ARTISTS - Said Olivia, “The idea for the art exhibition came to me as I was talking to one of the golfers at Como, Marcel Bradley. I had known him for over a year. Yet I never knew of his talents and interest in art. It got me thinking what if there are more? I began to ask around for artists at the golf club and, low and behold, they were everywhere. That was when I started drafting the proposal for the art exhibition.”

Added Olivia, “As I discovered the large number of artists at the club, I also realized the abundance of history the place has. As it stands, little country golf clubs like ours don't always stand a chance against new and modern clubs. So I thought, why not donate the proceeds to a historical fund for the club? I presented my pitch to the board of directors and they gave me the green light. I contacted all of the artists asking them for donations of their art works and they were all so generous. The event took a lot of planning and many, including me, wondered whether it would be worthwhile. But it surely was. And for me it was a very rewarding experience that I hope will help make me decide which path I want to take in my future.”

I'm sure it will be a great one Olivia, keep me posted!


WELCOME ANDREA - And speaking of the future, this just in. Hudson Village Theatre is delighted to announce that Andrea Romaldi will assume the position of Artistic Director for the 2017-2018 professional theatre season taking over from outgoing Artistic Director Matthew Tiffin.

Executive Director, Kalina Skulska, tells me that she and HVT's Board of Directors feel extremely privileged to welcome Andrea who was recently named as the new Director of the National Theatre School’s Playwriting Program in Montreal and, most recently, held the position of Literary Manager for Toronto-based Tarragon Theatre, this country’s foremost developer and producer of new Canadian plays. Welcome to Hudson Andrea!

And that's a wrap!

E-mail: creation@videotron.ca

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