Letter to the editor 4, August 17, 2017

Autoroute 30

Dear Editor,

This new link promised 40 years ago and promoted in all the political campaigns ever since, is the most beautiful thing for our area, helping avoid some heavy traffic in Montreal . Now let our national pastime surface – let’s complain. - In between Highway 10 and Highway 20, it’s a total bottleneck, jammed 12 hours out of 24. What are we waiting for to expand one more lane both directions, from two to three? Now keep in mind this is a Public Private Partnership (PPP). How can traffic avoid the toll via Highway 201 through Valleyfield?

- Traffic will ruin Highway 201 and the Monseigneur Langlois Bridge, all redone lately, thus reducing its life cycle and costing the taxpayers more money. This road is not built for this kind of heavy traffic. - The traffic that avoids the toll reduces our income and increases our cost of Highway 30. - The toll should be before the bridge crossing the seaway, thus everybody would pay. Why is it that mostly residents of our region and limited quantities of commercial traffic have to pay the toll? There would be some cost to moving the toll but it would pay for itself in a very short time span.

Raymond Cadieux Saint-Lazare

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