Letter to the editor 3, August 17, 2017

Town Hall costs

Dear Editor,

The new town hall in St. Lazare looks very impressive from the outside and with the proposed opening August 23 or 24, I am interested to see what it looks like inside.

Originally the building was to be completed in July but delays have put back the ‘big event’. I am told that delays in construction usually indicate unforeseen problems and added costs, but I hope not.

Many people are interested to know the total cost of the new town hall, which I hope will be made public before the November municipal election, as a $10 million, or is it $11 million, or even $12 million town hall means a lot of extra taxes for all St. Lazare resident in 2018 and for many, many more years to come.

When the final cost of the new town hall is made public, I hope it will be broken down in detail, including the moving out of the old town hall costs, temporary office rental costs, the cost of the new town hall building, the new furniture costs, the cost of moving back into the new town hall, the cost of the landscaping, and even the cost of the ‘Grand Opening Ceremony’, so that St. Lazare taxpayers know exactly what they are paying for.

Let’s hope that the taxpayers are getting value for money.

Liz Rozon

St. Lazare

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