• Carmen Marie Fabio

Follow-up on findings of ghost hunters in Hudson


The GHOST (Ghost Hunters of Ottawa for Scientific Truth) team arrived in Hudson in late July to set up their paranormal investigative equipment at Hudson’s Auberge Willow, and discussed their findings this week.

After two overnight stays in Hudson’s storied Auberge Willow in late July, a paranormal investigative team from Ottawa released its findings and though the results hover between being classified as inconclusive and out of the ordinary, they’re considered interesting enough to warrant a future visit.

“If we hadn’t found anything at all, then we’d say the Willow’s not haunted,” said Dan Ducheneaux, Team Manager of GHOST (Ghost Hunters of Ottawa for Scientific Truth), “but there are a few things that we found that make us want to get back in there to find out a little more.”

As first reported in Your Local Journal July 6, the 10-member team arrived July 9 for a pre-investigation followed by their two-night stay at the end of the month to look into myriad reports of slamming doors, voices heard singing in the hallways, and objects mysteriously knocked over, previously attributed to the mythical ‘Maude’ who was allegedly murdered on the site and buried in the basement 193 years ago.

Using an array of static and motion detection cameras, and electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, the team spent the two nights gathering the data and the last three weeks scrutinizing the results.

“We captured an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) which picks up a disembodied voice on a recorder,” said Ducheneaux. Inaudible to the human ear, the equipment set up in a basement ‘keg room’ recorded what reportedly sounds like a child’s voice saying the word ‘one’. Single word captures are not unprecedented but are unusual enough to pique further interest.

“With a building of this age, you can anticipate there’ll be history,” said new owner Patricia Wenzel who considered the investigation a lark and didn’t expect any real findings.

The team approaches its work with a strong degree of skepticism and will try and debunk their own findings by moving objects around and re-recording in an effort to weed out any false input. “If you want to find the truth, you have to be able to back up your evidence,” said Ducheneaux.

While it’s up for discussion whether the solitary word is a sign of paranormal activity, heat tests conducted on what’s reported to be Maude’s wheelchair gave significant results. “(Digital) sensors placed on the wheelchair were fluctuating wildly up and down,” said Ducheneaux, “and it seems like we caught a voice that sounds like an old woman sobbing or screaming in background while the meters are going off.” Ducheneaux stopped short of calling it ‘paranormal’ but rather classified it as ‘definitely unexplainable’.

“They played the audiotapes for me,” said Wenzel of the team’s recordings. “The scream itself was quite chilling actually. They definitely did find something.”

Wenzel confirmed the GHOST team has expressed an interest in returning to conduct further tests when the disturbances have historically been more active in the months of October and November.

“I have no problem with it,” she said. “It was pretty entertaining.”

The Auberge Willow is set to reopen later this fall.

See more photos of the GHOST team at work on our Facebook page.

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