• John Jantak

Pincourt introduces weekend yard work noise restrictions


Workers prepare the grounds at Bellevue Park as part of the annual Pincourt celebrations which begin this evening, August 10, and culminate on Saturday with the 37th Firemen’s Day celebration.

The Town of Pincourt adopted an amendment to its noise by-law at the Tuesday evening council meeting on August 8 which will restrict the hours that homeowners and contractors will be able to operate noisy equipment or undertake renovations and/or repairs on weekends and on holidays.

The revision will take effect May 1, 2018, and prohibit the use of electric and motorized lawn equipment such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers before 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday, and statutory holidays. The same time restriction applies to all homeowners and contractors who are doing renovations to their properties on those specific days.

To make sure no one is caught off-guard, the town is planning a public information blitz to inform residents and contractors of the upcoming changes before they come into effect. “It’s the council responding to a certain number of complaints from citizens,” Director General Michel Perrier told Your Local Journal.

“We’re going to prepare adequately for next year and we’re going to have publicity campaigns to make people aware of these changes so that they will abide by new regulations,” Perrier added. “Neighbours don’t necessarily want people to start handling machinery at 7 o’clock on a Saturday or Sunday morning or at dinner time when you have guests visiting.

Fines for non-compliance

Fines will be implemented to deter violations and will be set at $75 for citizens and $150 for businesses in 2018. The fines will increase to $100 for citizens and $200 for businesses respectively in 2019, said Perrier.

“Noise is not a big problem in Pincourt,” said Mayor Yvan Cardinal. “Often it’s the same person and the best way to deal with the situation is to sensitize them to the problem.” Cardinal added that it took a while before people became aware of the town’s watering restrictions when they were adopted several years ago and now there is almost complete compliance.

“More and more people are complying with the watering by-law and there’s fewer infractions being committed for watering outside the permitted hours. It took time but we eventually achieved a good result and we hope the same thing will happen with the new modification to the noise by-law,” said Cardinal. Fines for watering violations range from $200 to a maximum of $2,000.

Tender withdrawn

A municipal tender that invited contractors to provide a quote for the refurbishment and upgrade of the town’s chalet and swimming pool at Olympic Park was withdrawn by council after no tenders were received by the official deadline.

Mayor Cardinal said there are apparently no contractors that provide both services. The town will instead issue two separate calls to tender – one for the chalet and a second for the pool. Despite the reissuance, Cardinal said the upgrade work is still scheduled to begin this fall and be completed by next spring.

Firemen’s Day festivities

Festivities to celebrate Pincourt and the 37th edition of Firemen’s Day begin this evening at Bellevue Park. Everyone is invited to participate in the three-day event that will feature a full range of kids’ and family activities, a movie screening, and musical performances, and culminate on Saturday with the traditional parade of fire trucks and emergency vehicles with sirens wailing and a night-time fireworks spectacle.