Hawks U13FA Bronze and Silver


(Bottom row left): Joely Blajwajs-Dahan, Ashlyn Beaudoin, Vanessa Mooney, Nicoletta Kiszczuk, Sydney Allard, Catherine Matteau, Marianne Bergeron, Clara Tomiuk and Sophie Ménard

(Middle row left): Emily Evans, Alexsa Edery, Maya Asselin, Angelina De Sanctis and Sarah Hong.

(Top row): Coach Carl, Coach Jen (missing Coach Tony)

The Hawks U13FA played two tournaments almost back to back taking home Bronze in the Ottawa Icebreaker tournament (winning six out of the seven games played) and Silver in the LSL tournament with a 1-0 win where they were undefeated up until then and played hard during their five games not only against the teams but also against the extreme heat. Way to go girls!


(Bottom row left): Marianne Bergeron, Alexsa Edery, Maya Asselin, Clara Tomiuk, Angelina De Sanctis, Emily Evans and Emily Kanduth-Sambault.

(Middle row left): Joely Blajswajs-Dahan, Sarah Hong, Catherine Matteau, Olivia Giakoumis, Sophie Ménard, Ashlyn Beaudoin, Nicoletta Kiszczuk, Sierra Hasses and Sydney Allard.

(Top row left): Coach Carl, Coach Jen (missing Coach Tony).