Letter to the editor 4, July 6, 2017


Dear Editor,

I was very surprised, not to mention disappointed, when reading through last week's edition of Your Local Journal to see James Parry's account of the unfortunate incident involving a local man.

I feel sincere gratitude to Mr. Poulin for looking out for this man and potentially preventing an accident - and, indeed, to our wonderful team of First Responders. I am proud to live in a community that takes care of its own.

To Mr. Parry, however, I say, shame on you! Your detailed description of the event, which you carelessly dub “a Hudson vignette,” is an example of gossip-mongering not “in-depth investigative reporting {sic}." This man has a serious illness and has made some very poor decisions, but he is a human being worthy of respect. He does not deserve to be unwitting fodder for the “Parrywinkle.”

Your article was in poor taste. In the future

I hope Mr. Parry reflects upon how his words might affect his readers.

Name withheld by writer’s request


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