Letter to the editor 2, July 6, 2017

Au Galop II

Dear Editor,

A serious question was raised during the July Saint-Lazare council meeting by a concerned citizen should have been addressed by the organizers of the Au Galop equestrian festival.

The question: “Why were First Nations not invited to participate in Au Galop?”

The Au Galop festival brings together horses, riders, knights, cowboys etc. into St. Lazare,

But, “Where are the First Nations?”

The concerned citizen raised the fact that without First Nations, Canada would not be what it is today.

It is unfortunate and disconcerting that the Au Galop organizers did not consider a more inclusive festival by inviting representatives from the First Nations.

Knights in shining armour were not a part of Canada’s history, but they are included in the Au

Galop festival, whereas First Nations were living and hunting, maybe on land around the Saint-Lazare area for hundreds, if not thousands, of years prior to Jacques Cartier arriving.

We all need to be more aware of how much First Nations have contributed to, and still are, an

important part of Canada.

Joanne Ackland


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