Letter to the editor 1, July 6, 2017

Au Galop I

Dear Editor,

At this month’s Saint-Lazare Town Council meeting I asked the question as to why no one invited members of the First Nations to participate in this year’s Au Galop festival considering that Montreal is celebrating 375 years and Canada 150. It would have been respectful to have members from Kahnawake and Kanasatake represented. They would have added much knowledge to those attending and giving our youngsters a little history not talked about in our schools. No one had an answer.

When asked what the cost of the event was thus far, Mayor Robert Grimaudo did not know. Surprising that they did pay an individual a yearly salary to run the event and all the publicity such as posters, ads etc. someone must have paid the bill.

I'm sure that this expense will cost us tax payers a bundle and I'm sure that credit would not have been extended beyond 30 days.

This tells me that they are hiding costs as they did the past two years and we, as citizens, will be paying.

Richard Masys


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