• Lauren Mitchell

Arbraska Rigaud set to open two new attractions


Mayor of Rigaud Hans Gruenwald Jr. (middle) among artistic director of ARTEMANIA Véronique Dussault (second from right) and owner of Arbraska Stéphane Vachon (far right) and others involved in the projects help to cut the ribbon to officially inauguarate Arbraska Rigaud's two new projects, Arbre-en-ciel and ARTEMANIA. Both projects are set to open to the public this weekend beginning Saturday, July 8.

Arbraska Adventure Park in Rigaud is excited to announce the opening of their new project ‘Arbre-en-ciel.’ Currently completing phase one of the project, the idea is to have an outdoor amusement park where children between the ages of three and 10 years old can play. The park is currently made up of houses, net bridges to get across, and slides to come down and the new portion’s official opening will be held July 8.

“Who didn’t dream as a kid to climb in the trees, to be in a house that would be a source of fun?” said Stéphane Vachon, owner of Arbraska. “We are dreamers who built this park here for the kids of Montreal, and we invite the parents and their children from 3 to 10 years old to come visit us. This is the first phase, and there will be other phases later. We hope to have another phase done by next year.”

‘Arbre-en-ciel’ is a free-play space, which means no safety equipment will be needed. Children are free to play and run around for a time limit of two hours, exploring what each individual house will look like. Parents can accompany their children too during the exploration. The park resembles an obstacle course, and is suitable for young children. There is also a ground-level type of ‘Arbraska’ where a wooden bridge with ropes allows children to feel like they are participating in the tree-high activities.

“For the moment, the concept is a couple of houses connected to different bridges with three slides,” continued Vachon. “There is a zone for ground play, which we call the ‘Tree-Wee’ parkour.”

A second attraction in the works involves all ages. The project named ARTEMANIA will be an exploratory walk in the forest where nature is turned in to art projects. There will be a forest trail where different types of land art will be featured, and some will even be interactive pieces. Although only in phase one of the project, the creators are looking forward to demonstrating the hard work of the artists involved.

“The essence of the project is to create a fresh look at the forest, to give easy access to the art that will be open to all,” said artistic director of ARTEMANIA, Véronique Dussault. “The project will be to stimulate the creative side of people, and to discover the forest with art installations. For phase two, we really want to have it be an artistic diffusion and be much larger. I hope it becomes a place of interest for the public.”

Both activities are scheduled to open Saturday, July 8 and all are invited to visit the new installations. Reservations are strongly recommended but not mandatory.

Arbraska is located at 85 Chemin Bourget in Rigaud. For more information about Arbre-en-ciel, visit their website at www.villagearbreenciel.com.

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